Elizabeth Hobbs

Experienced & Effective Massage

I have had many massages in my life time and Valerie is by far the most experienced and effective I have come across.


Her incredible skills in massage, paired with her expertise in essential oils means she tailors treatments specific each time to any ailments or problems.


Her kind and genuine manner is delightful and the insights I gain from her therapeutic approach all add to the wonderful experience.


I always leave after her massage deeply relaxed and in tune with myself. I can't recommend her highly enough and continue to see her regularly.



Tracey Coulthard

Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I see Valerie monthly as I have primary progressive MS and for me massage is an essential part of my holistic wellness protocol.

I love how intuitive Valerie is and with our little chat first she reads my body knowing just what I need in the moment.

The use of doTERRA essential oils as part of the process, hot rocks at a perfect temperature to drive these gifts in deeper and a gorgeous copper tool that feels like wax moulding the whole experience.


All of this supports my body to reduce stress and increase relaxation which is critical to my healing. Reducing pain, any muscle soreness and tension I might be holding. Improving circulation, giving me energy and alertness. It is all such a gift.

Valerie has the most amazing calming, giving persona. She listens, notices and applies with so much professionalism and care.

She is truly a gift with hands of gold, you feel unique, lighter and filled with gratitude.

In fact I love this so much that my husband now goes monthly too as wellness is important for everyone.

Thank you Valerie.
See you again soon :-)

Emily Jane

AromaStone Mental / Emotional Health Massage

I just had a 60-Minute AromaStone Mental/Emotional Health Massage with Valerie Gasser and it was awesome. Thanks to her that she could spontaneously fit me in (as I'm got a few spare hours at the airport in Christchurch.)

I felt bodywise and mentally not very good before but she does work on a deep emotionally level and in my 60 Minutes Session I could relax very well.

I go to Massage quiet often and this experience was totally different. I felt a connection and so I could "let me fall into it - and totally let go." My busy head just stopped overthinking.

Also the pressure of the Massage was really nice, just the right amount and my body feels lighter and relaxed.

One thing what was also new for me and what I liked was that Valerie works with hot Stones. The Stones had a nice Temperature and definitely helped me, to go deeper in relaxion. Also her therapeutic communication Skills.

I believe that Valerie is a special Massage Therapist and I would like and will try next time the Pascha Therapy and focus on this. I'm excited and look forward to do it.

Definetly can highly recommended already the 60-Minute AromaStone Mental/Emotional Health Massage!

Thank you Valerie :)


Chris Swanson

Emotional well being and pain relief

I initially began working with Valerie for pain relief but quickly discovered the wonderful additional benefits of her sessions for my emotional well being.


Regular holistic massage sessions have greatly improved my ability to deal with the stress of my everyday work life as a Deputy Principal.


I always leave the massage session feeling refreshed and relaxed both physically and emotionally.


This has now become a part of my self care routine and an integral aspect of how I actively work to nourish my well being.

E. J.

Relaxed and Empowered

Valerie is one of the best massage therapists I have ever been too!! I have never felt so relaxed and empowered after a massage. She is so welcoming and her work is truly incredible ❤️


She is very intuitive and helped me navigate through a painful and difficult situation by her care and ability to shift energy. Highly recommend whether you are looking for emotional or physical relief and support.


Can’t wait for my next one!



University of Canterbury

Thank you Valerie for your amazing massages – a little pampering is essential with our busy lifestyles today. I look forward to my monthly massage with Valerie as I find her ‘healing hands’ help to de-stress me and alleviate any knots, pain, or tightness especially in my neck and shoulders.

Valerie offers a professional service and always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. She uses oils and hot stones, as part of her massage therapy and this sensory experience helps to restore the body’s balance in an organically therapeutic way.

Valerie provides an holistic approach to her massage therapy and has an intuitive knowledge of what her clients need. I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Minnetta Green

Case Manager for Ministry of Social Development, Sydenham Work & Income

I have been attending sessions with In Essence for Pain Relief Massage for several months.

I have been living with a Chronic Pain Condition for 25+ years. It is not uncommon for a short walk to the mailbox to leave me in crippling, debilitating pain. My weekly Pain Relief Massage treatments give me much needed relief from this agony. Since attending these sessions I have had periods of being pain free, which I had not had in the last 2 years prior to starting these treatments. I leave each session feeling revitalised, relaxed, more flexible and energised and most notably, with greatly reduced pain levels. I was apprehensive about trying this approach to Pain Relief at first and initially tried the treatment out of desperation as none of the traditional pain relief methods help me, or the side effects from these were not tolerated. I was overwhelmed by hopelessness.


After experiencing the benefits of Pain Relief Massage for myself, I would not miss a single session! In addition to the pain relief properties, I am more grounded, connected and better equipped to be able to deal with the day to day, my outlook and hope for the future (as my condition is not going to go away) is also greatly improved. I am able to tolerate more physical activity albeit still limited due to mobility, but this is also too improving significantly since starting treatment.


Thank you In Essence, you have given me my life back!

Wendy Risdon

Practice Nurse & Relaxation Therapist at University of Canterbury Health Centre

Thank you for today's lovely session, deeply relaxing and nurturing, as usual. 

People often ask,  “who do you go to for your Self-care? I tell them about the amazing aromastone massage therapy sessions I have experienced from Valerie, over the last 2 years. 

I feel mesmerised by her touch, the music and the essential oils and I love every minute of the uplifting package of therapies she offers.

Today she also incorporated sound therapy by playing 3 large crystal bowls which resonated to the very core of my body.

Valerie works intuitively to deliver just the right mix of high quality essential oils, hot stones and gentle massage, for maximum therapeutic benefit. I highly recommend her as a beautiful healing person and a skilled therapist.


Everybody needs somebody like Valerie, who can provide a little oasis in the

desert, when life gets busy and demanding. 

Charlotte Rapley

Rata Foundation

I am fortunate enough to work in a place that has Valerie visit monthly for chair massages. Valerie has a wonderful manner and touch.


She is excellent at finding knots and tailoring the massage to your needs.


She uses lovely scents and overall gives you a heavenly and relaxing experience. It’s a great morale and general well being boost for our team.

Murray Lapworth

Chief Financial Officer, Rata Foundation

Valerie thanks for another great “neck and shoulder” chair massage. 


Last time when you included upper arms and lower back, you released a lot of tightness from triathlon training. 


You adopt a healthy balance between a soft therapeutic massage and a firm sports massage, as appropriate.


Deb Smail

Shortest cold ever

Recently I had a massage appointment booked with Valerie, however on the day, I woke very unwell.  


Valerie's advice was to still attend my appointment.  My symptoms were headachey, sore body and very congested. I was actually blown away by how the massage and essential oils immediately started to support me and my recovery.

I left being able to breathe more comfortably and massage had alleviated the aching sore body. I rested that day and by the next morning I was well on my way to wellness - a significant improvement.


I would recommend making the effort to get out of bed and receive this type of support if experiencing any of these symptoms.


Deb Smail

Amanda Cowie

Happy Client

Valerie is a great massage therapist! I feel so taken care of when in her healing hands.  Last few appointments with Val she has used the Kansa wand on me which helped my muscles relax deeply and my sleep over the few days was hugely improved!

I always go for the 1 hour hot stone massage (especially great in winter months) its warm, cosy and I always feel my energies shift with Val during the session and by the next day I feel like a new woman and completely refreshed!

She also uses the doterra oils which are super healing and add to the whole package she provides, and they smell great too! I can guarantee after a 1 hour session with Val you will sleep like a baby that night. Highly recommended.  *****



Surgical survivor

I have been to see Valerie to assist with post-surgery healing and associated flow-on effects on my body. Valerie has created a warm, safe, non-judgemental, professional and relaxing place for me to be able to let go any tension in my body which may be hindering my healing.


As a result I feel the healing process has been accelerated as has my confidence in using the part of my body which had surgery.


I recommend Valerie to anyone who has had surgery and/or who might want a safe place to be to let go of any tension and stress and thus boost their self-care.

Emily Napolitano

Dance Instructor in Christchurch

As a dancer, I started coming to Valerie as part of my physical self-care routine, thinking a regular massage would be beneficial in relaxing sore muscles and easing minor injuries.


I found so much more than that in Valerie’s hot stone massages. I soon noticed that I felt more centred and more present in my dancing.


My injuries healed faster and an old injury made rapid improvements. I feel like I’m experiencing my body as a dancer on a deeper level. I particularly appreciate how each session is different.


Valerie doesn’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, instead she spends a few minutes checking in to find areas that need extra attention, areas that feel ‘stuck’, whether physical or emotional. The essential oils she uses are fantastic, and the hot stones are amazing.


My sessions with Valerie are more than just physical self-care, they are completely holistic, improving and supporting all aspects of my wellbeing. 


Let the warmth of the stone guide you to the point of release and balance. It knows how to take you there, open to the warmth and let go.

Valerie Gasser