6 Benefits of Chronic Pain Relief Massage

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

A Unique Approach To Massage For Pain Relief

Do you live with physical pain? Living with chronic pain or conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia can be a very restricting, debilitating experience.

As well as the physical trauma of ongoing pain, these conditions can have a very negative and lasting effect on your emotional and mental wellbeing. They can leave you feeling lonely, isolated and drained, and can lead to depression or mental health issues. It is important to seek help from those trained specifically for your situation, and can turn out to be a life-changing experience.

The heart of In-Essence is to help people, and we have a special place in our hearts for those living with chronic pain and arthritis. We specialise in easing your pain. You can get relief naturally, effectively and comfortably.

Here are some advantages of massage for arthritis and chronic pain relief.

1. Gentle, yet deeply effective pain relief

Our approach is different from the traditional pain relief or deep tissue massage. We believe, are trained in, and have experienced that chronic pain relief can be achieved without additional pain or discomfort. Gentle heat with hot stones wrapped in towels are used to ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment and that the process is gentle.

2. Deep relaxation for your body and energy

We work in depth through our holistic approach to pain. My ability as a healer, counsellor, massage therapist and aromatherapist brings a unique blend of skills that allow for a greater depth of relaxation and change within you, your energy and your body. The effect of the treatment is felt at the deep, energetic and emotional level.

3. Improve the health of your muscles and tissue

The effectiveness of the treatment will stay with you for days afterwards, bringing a very integrating sense of relief and well-being. For even greater benefit, we recommend regular pain-relief massage treatment, which will help to maintain the health of your muscles and tissue. Knowing you have a regular treatment booked in with someone that really cares about your health and wellbeing can also give you a sense of support and companionship.

4. Support of your nervous system

We support your whole nervous system and energy to let go by encouraging the release. This is done through the use of hot stones used over a towel to bring a deeply comforting feeling to the treatment. With this approach, your whole self and being gives way to softening and release. This means that working on the areas where pain is more concentrated happens with ease.

5. Reduction in inflammation

We use the highest-quality essential oils by Doterra to help melt tension away from the muscles and to reduce inflammation around the joints. These essential oils work to bring you relief on a greater depth and to help ease you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Who can benefit from pain relief massage treatment?

If you are suffering from chronic pain of any sort, including arthritis or fibromyalgia, then pain relief massage treatment would be of benefit to you. Pain relief massage also supports people with ongoing or common neck, should and back pain. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or book a session online.

Article by Valerie Gasser

Dip. Massage | Dip. Aromatherapy

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