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AromaStone Massage Therapy

Natural solutions to health and wellbeing

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Massage & Pascha Therapy

Mental/Emotional Health
Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a powerful support for emotional health and the healing of deep feelings. Whether it is from depression, anxiety or grief; being held in a caring energy allows you to let the energy move through you, relieving emotional pressure and opening up your inner answers and resolutions. 


As an intuitive Pascha therapist, I will hold you and be present with you to support what emerges, be it energetically in a healing capacity or in a conscious verbal exchange according to your preference. 


Supports: Anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, self-esteem issues, insomnia, & difficult life changes.


Benefits: Relieves emotional pressure, encourages emotional healing and wellbeing.


Pascha Therapy

Pascha Therapy invites a conscious next step in listening to yourself and what your energy is saying to you. It is a heart and soul based form of talking therapy that supports you to become fluent with the language of your feelings and how they always guide you to what you know and most need for life, health, wellbeing and happiness.


As a Pascha therapist, I offer a very compassionate space for you to open up your feelings and listen to what they have to tell you. Supporting you to trust yourself to follow what feels right for you and gain the empowerment to know you can create your life from a clear sense of self. I support the process of grief and the recovery of your energy from loss in life. Be it the loss of a loved one, the loss of self, or a change in life circumstances. 

Supports: Grief, depression, anxiety.


Benefits: Encouragement of trusting yourself, gaining empowerment, a clear sense of self.


Healing Massage Therapy

For calm

A healing massage supports you to return to a place of calm within. By letting yourself drift to soothing music, releasing mental focus, relaxing your muscles and taking a full breath out, you are letting go of the  tensions held within you on all levels.

Reconnecting with your inner calm is deeply  nourishing and vital for physical health, emotional well-being and mental clarity.

Deeply letting go allows your energy to recover, rebalance and renew, offering you new insights and perspective for your life. This is a very soulful integrative experience, one that brings you back to a feeling of wholeness.

Doterra essential oils and Hot Stones are part of each treatment. The Hot Stones provide deep release and nurturing for the whole nervous system and the essential oils bring tangible vibrational healing on all levels.


Healing Journeys

Through Healing Massage Therapy & Pascha Therapy

Healing journeys draw on Healing massage therapy and Pascha Therapy to support a conscious healing on all levels within you.

Healing massage therapy reconnects you with yourself by assisting with the release of what you have absorbed from life that has become heavy. As the layers of stress and tensions melt away, this allows a natural sinking back into a space of calm within.

With support, you will learn to relate to your emotional energy and discover what you carry within your heart. This is an intimate process that is gentle,
energetic and gradual. While a shift is felt after each session, the completion of a learning cycle unfolds over time. As such it goes deeper than a mental
understanding. It changes you and your relationship to yourself, your life, others and your sense of purpose.

The best way to start your Healing Journey is to begin with one session of each form of therapy to experience what is offered and how it feels. From there, you will know how you wish to proceed.


Remedial Holistic Massage Therapy

In-Essence‘s remedial massage works with pain in great depth, and in a gentle way. Our aim is to comfortably invite the body to release the pain that is held in the muscles and joints.


We do this through the therapeutic use of hot stones, and by supporting the effective movement of the pain through the use of the Kansa wands & anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic therapeutic oils. 


The holistic nature of this treatment makes it deeply healing and releasing for your whole nervous system.


Supports: Sore backs, shoulders, necks, arthritis and any aches and pain.


Benefits: Expect to feel relieved from pain and deeply relaxed and nourished at the same time.

Image by Alicia Petresc

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle and nurturing treatment to release the aches and pains associated with pregnancy in a safe way.  In this massage, the gentle heat of the stone and the kansa copper wands are used to gently and effectively move tension from your body.


Depending on the stage of your pregnancy a massage chair is used to allow a full access to your back in comfort as well as the table.


In this treatment, there is also an intention to bring you back in touch with self, your body and the miracle of this new life growing within you. Bringing you back to a centred and sacred place within yourself to fully appreciate your unique pregnancy journey.


Deep Relaxation Massage Therapy

A safe place to let go and recover. When we are working under pressure, it is vital to find places that we can trust to let go of the tension we hold, and recover our energy to remain healthy.
At In-Essence we offer a very holistic approach to Therapeutic Massage. We work intuitively to feel what it is your energy needs to help you re-balance, and then provide a very personalised treatment to meet your needs.
As a result, you can expect to feel renewed, nourished and deeply relaxed after each treatment. You can walk away feeling more at peace, more integrated emotionally, clearer and more available to yourself, life and others.
Supports: Stress, anxiety, inability to relax or let go.

Benefits: Rebalancing, deep relaxation, more at peace, clearer mind.


Soul Alignment Massage Therapy

Soul alignment massage therapy is a body-centred form of therapy that includes a spiritual perspective. It supports you to slow down and listen to your soul’s needs and its guidance for you.


As a trained Pascha Therapist, I intuitively select the essential oils that can vibrationally rebalance the different layers of your energy. Through verbal guidance, I will assist you to become conscious of your potential internal shifts. This treatment invites your conscious participation in becoming aware of what you feel and what is in the process of healing.


Supports: indecision, inaction, and overwhelm.


Benefits: Emerge feeling grounded, integrated and clearer on your needs at this point in your journey.


Energize Massage Therapy

Do you need more energy for your life? Energy is available when we are in balance. At In-Essence we specialise in bringing a very holistic and personalised approach to our treatments.


We work intuitively to choose the right combination of essential oils and healing energy to bring a deep rebalancing within your body and within your whole energy system.


Supports: Feelings of being overwhelmed, burnt out, and loss of motivation or clarity in your life.


Benefits: You can expect to feel deeply renewed after each treatment.


AromaTouch Technique

Strengthen your immunity naturally.


This technique addresses the foundation of your health: stress, toxicity levels, inflammatory response and homeostasis, and their associated conditions.


Bringing these aspects back into balance supports the body to find its own overall equilibrium in a gentle, yet powerful way.



Burnout, inflammation, weakened immune system, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, toxic overload, stress, cold and flu.



Strengthen your immunity naturally.




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